For the past 44 years A+ has been the leading Belgian architecture review. It is where various architectural practices from Belgium meet and confront one another. It is a platform for groundbreaking projects and innovative thinking. A+ presents the latest creations by Belgian architects in Belgium and abroad, emerging offices, hot architectural topics, interviews with distinguished figures, essays and columns by the best Belgian and foreign architecture critics, an overview of recent publications and new products as well as reviews of exhibitions and events.

A+ places the architectural debate on the international stage and covers urban planning, landscape, design and art. A+ concentrates on new building and design methods as well as on sustainable technologies.

A+ is published six times per year: in mid February, mid April, mid June, mid September, late October and mid December. It has a print-run of 14,967 in two distinct editions (44% French and 56% Dutch), and a circulation of 14,353 issues (CIM 2016).

A+ is the most widely read architectural review in Belgium and is kept by its readers.



editor in chief Lisa De Visscher
adjunct editor in chief Eline Dehullu
production coordinator Grégoire Maus
layout Joris Kritis

editorial committee Francis Catteuw, Olivier Bastin, Agnieszka Zajac
president Ward Verbakel

advertising a+media Rita Minissi |

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