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Mission statement

The Information Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design (CIAUD-ICASD) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973. Its purpose is to study, produce and distribute relevant information relating to architecture, urban planning, design and, more broadly, everything connected to the human environment. The CIAUD-ICASD views architecture as a cultural given. Through its publications, website and the organisation of conferences and exhibitions, the CIAUD-ICASD aims to serve as the reference in architecture and urban planning in Belgium. For this purpose it has developed the brand ‘A+ Architecture in Belgium’.

A+ Architecture in Belgium maps out Belgian architectural production, archives it, pays particular attention to emerging talents, and positions itself at the intersection of the local and international levels. A+ Architecture in Belgium also offers a platform for reflection as to the different roles of architecture. A+ Architecture in Belgium publishes a bimonthly architectural review, organises at least two exhibitions and five conferences per year at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, and brings out books on architecture that are related to these events and to the key issues in the field of architecture.

By inventorying, reflecting on and promoting architecture, A+ Architecture in Belgium wishes to highlight architects, managers and contracting authorities and incite them to contribute to the development of a built environment of high quality.


president Philémon Wachtelaer
vice-president Chantal Vincent
secretary Geert Degroote
treasurer Eddy Vanzieleghem
members Sylvie Bruyninckx, Dag Boutsen, Maarten Delbeke, Paul Dujardin, Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard, Piet Van Cauwenberg, Benoît Moritz, Ward Verbakel, Olivier Bastin

A+ Architecture in Belgium
Rue Ernest Allardstraat 21/3
B-1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 645 79 10

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