Lecture by Filipe Magalhães

The young Portuguese Fala Atelier was founded by Filipe Magalhães (°1987), Ana Luisa Soares (°1988) and Ahmed Belkhodja (°1990) in Porto in 2012. Naivety, intuition and rhetoric are the tools that help them approach and design their projects. Their portfolio principally consists of the renovation of apartments located in the town’s historic centre and destined to be rented out. Their interventions increase the useful capacity of limited volumes while at the same time avoiding the everyday aesthetics of rental accommodation for tourists. Paper architecture also plays a major role in their work. Images and drawings form a series of visual metaphors that convey the sensitivity and intentions of each project. These transmit the sense of an inhabited, poetic and playful world, as the architects will have the opportunity to explain at their conference.


Lecture Filipe Magalhães (Fala Atelier)

25.09.2017 - 20h00

Centre for Fine Arts - Hall M

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